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haft is a synonym of helve
haft triggers sibling
haft triggers sakowitz
haft triggers herbert
haft triggers dart
haft is part of awl
haft is part of axe
haft is part of ax
haft is part of blade
haft is part of brand
haft is part of dagger
haft is part of file
haft is part of knife
haft is part of reap hook
haft is part of reaping hook
haft is part of sickle
haft is part of steel
haft is part of sword
haft is a kind of grip
haft is a kind of handgrip
haft is a kind of handle
haft is a kind of hold
haft rhymes with aft
haft rhymes with calfed
haft rhymes with craft
haft rhymes with daft
haft rhymes with draft
haft rhymes with draught
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haft sounds like hafta
haft sounds like haffey
haft sounds like haff
haft sounds like half
haft sounds like hafts'
haft sounds like haft's
haft sounds like hafts
haft sounds like half's
haft sounds like hat
haft sounds like hatt
haft sounds like huffed
haft sounds like heft
haft sounds like hoeft
haft sounds like hoofed
haft sounds like