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This program allows you to search for relationships between words, concepts, and people. It is a combination thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, pun generator, and concept navigator. Use it to find words that fit the needs of whatever writing endeavor you've undertaken, or just to browse concept space. To use the system, enter one or two words into the boxes at the top of the page, select a function to perform, optionally select some word relations to allow, and click Submit Query! Here is a description of the seven functions that are available.
  • Connection: This option lets you find connections between two words, concepts, or people, even those that seem unrelated. Try entering a concept into each of the boxes in the first section, select some relations to allow, select the Connection function, and hit Submit Query. You may be surprised at the results!

  • Show related: This option shows you how a certain word is related to various other words in the dictionary. You only need to enter a word into the first box to use this option.

  • Show reachable: This option shows you words that are more distantly related to the first word. You can specify how distant by typing a different number into the box next to the Show reachable option.

  • Intersection: For this option you must enter two words. It finds words that are related to both. You can control how deeply the program searches for commonalities by typing a different number into the box next to the Show reachable option.

  • Rhyme coercion: If you're writing rhymed poetry, try entering two words that you wish to rhyme. Using the Rhyme coercion you can find words related to each words, respectively, that rhyme or sound alike.

  • Spell check and Substring: These options let you find words in the database that you don't know how to spell. The Spell check option finds words that are spelled similarly to the first word. The Substring option finds words that contain the first word.
More technical information is available in a technical note I've prepared, and in user feedback shown on the same page. Statistics on the database can also be viewed. Please feel free to explore the system by entering as many queries as you like, and send me feedback if you stumble across anything interesting or have suggestions.

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